4 Profit Increasing Programs to Add to Your Gym’s Current Lineup

1. Increase Your Female Membership by Adding a Cardio Dance Program

Male gym members are normally interested in gaining muscle mass. On the contrary, most female members are interested in losing weight and toning their bodies. Adding a cardio dance workoutpro program is a great way to increase your gym’s profitability. You will attract more female members by offering them something besides weight machines and free weights.

2. Attract Mixed Martial Arts Students by Having Bi-Weekly MMA Training

Over the past four years, mixed martial arts fighting has transformed from an underground sport to a highly popular spectator sport. With this increase in popularity has come an increase in men looking to become MMA fighters.

Find a locally recognized MMA fighter in your area and pay him to put on twice weekly fight classes. Advertise these classes at sports bars and other locations where you are likely to find men interested in MMA fighting classes.

3. Create a Kids Workout Program to Encourage Parents to Start Working Out

Once adults become parents, maintaining their physical health becomes more difficult. It’s not financially feasible to pay for a babysitter while they go to the gym for two hours. Therefore, they’re likely to cancel their gym memberships and give up on working out for the time being.

In order to re-attract this lost client demographic, start a kids training program. This program is nothing more than a way to actively distract the children while their parents get an hour to workout. Not only will you increase your gym’s profit by getting new adult members who are happy to be working out again; you will also get earn those kids-membership fees that will add to your bottom line.

4. Accommodate the More Shy Clientele by Offering Personal Training Sessions

The most coveted gym member is the overweight client. They are, however, one of the most difficult groups of clients to acquire because of their fear of embarrassment while working out. They would rather not work out than have to deal with the nervousness of being watched by healthy gym members.

By offering closed-door personal training sessions, you will be able to accommodate these clients. Once they’ve lost some of their initial weight and have overcome workout embarrassment, they will be able to transition into your regular gym hours. You will get a new member out of the process who truly appreciate your gym’s commitment to their physical well-being.