A Review of the Tria Laser Hair Removal System

Are all you ladies out there had enough of shaving, waxing and spending loads of money on beauty salon hair removal treatments? Well is the answer is yes, there is a product out there that can solve this problem, this is TRIA. TRIA is simple to use. Once charged, TRIA allows you to select one of three levels of intensity appropriate for your degree of sensitivity. When applied to the skin, it emits a short pulse of light through an output window, covering multiple hair follicles in second-long intervals. When it’s time to move the output window, the device emits a short beep. Tria has received a great amount of coverage in the beauty press and has featured on UK morning television show GMTV.The TRIA Hair Laser has three contact sensors to safeguard against any misuse. If all three contact sensors are not touching the skin, the device will not emit a pulse of light. If the device is moved or lifted from the skin during a laser light pulse, TRIA will signal that the area needs to be treated again by emitting a short buzzing sound.

TRIA targets your hair’s growth underneath the skin. Because the diode laser reacts with the dark pigment of the hair shaft, the surrounding skin is not harmed. The results from TRIA are that you end up with beautifully smooth, radiant skin that doesn’t require the arduous maintenance of many other tria by deyaar conventional hair removal methods. With Tria you can save money in the long run with a massive reduction in the amount of money spent on beauty salon treatments, waxing or shaving.So, I guess what you really want to know is, does this little hand held device really work and is it worth the heft price tag of £715. The TRIA study was designed to validate the safety and efficacy of the device. Additionally, it was designed to demonstrate a low and appropriate rate of side effects in suitable users. While you could call it question the bias of any company product study, the report was independent verified and quantifiable.Usability data, physical hair counts and side effects were collected at each treatment visit and at 1 month, 2 month, and 3 month follow-up visits following the 3rd treatment. 77 subjects completed the study and reported the following results:

Hair Count Reduction stats
The study found that those using the Tria Laser Hair Removal System showed the following results:
3 weeks after 1st treatment: There was a 61% mean hair count reduction from all body areas
3 weeks after 2nd treatment: There was a 70% mean hair count reduction from all body areas
4 weeks after 3rd treatment: There was a 60% mean hair count reduction from all body areas

In addition, the TRIA laser users in the study noted that the texture of there skin showed vast improvements compared to their usual method of hair removal.

43% reported that TRIA produced “smoother skin”
38% of subjects reported that TRIA produced “less skin irritation and bumps”
20% reported that TRIA produced “softer skin”

Overall User Satisfaction Results
After the first hair removal treatment, 45% of the study participants reported they were “satisfied” with their results, 25% reported they were “very satisfied” with their results and 17% reported that they were “extremely satisfied.”
Just four weeks after the third laser hair removal treatment using TRIA, the number of “very satisfied” users increased to 32% and “extremely satisfied” users increased to 42%. Overall, 100% of study users rated their results as satisfactory or better after the third treatment.