Air Track Mats – Which Size to Buy?

It is a law of nature, as you grow older, you need more size and bigger space. Similarly, you would be likely to get something in bigger size than the most recommended and standard 3m×10cm model. It is the most purchased size because it is a standard size for air track mats.

5 meter × 15 cm Air Tracks Size

An air track mat with a size 5 meters × 15 cm is a perfect match for you. It is best size that you need to buy if you are a skilled gymnast or an experienced user of an Air Track. Also, Kameymall brand provides the best sizes that fits into your needs.


It is true that if your air track is more thicker, it will provide you more bounces. Similarly, if your air track mat is longer in length, it will out you to do more flips, swings, summersaults, jumps, and much more that you like to do. You will never run out of space.

But, you need to keep it in mind that larger air track are not just expensive but also heavier in terms of weight, which is not a good thing for youngsters. So a light weight air track with longer length is a good solution for you.