All About Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3-Deep Discussion

With RX3 we can see the all-in-one system appear in its final form. Like its predecessors, it was a freestanding two-channel DJ system capable of playing sorted lines in the rekordbox of a USB stick. For many people, getting rid of their laptop is at the heart of such a system. However, you can use the working mode to connect to rekordbox software, and Pioneer DJ says Serato DJ will still be fully supported in early 2022. The XDJ-RX3 has a sleek design and is very similar to other Pioneer devices. The screen has been updated and includes an integrated display in great colors for instant feedback. And the mix has expanded to include the initial two-channel version of the DJM-900NXS2 with a few twists, like the disappearance of the Magvel crossfader. Now you can easily buy XDJ RX3 – PIONEER DJ XDJ RX3 – PIONEER RX3  from most trusted site.

That said, Pioneer claims to have tweaked the sound design to help eliminate external noise and create clear, loud sound.

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The stunning and obvious update to the RX3 is the gorgeous 10.1-inch touchscreen. It is also welcome. We appreciate the extra screen real estate as we were able to efficiently integrate the interfaces of both CDJs onto a single screen. Not only are the screens bigger, but they also offer higher resolution and frame rates.

This helps give the RX3 a better looking current look and feel like the flagship CDJ-3000. Not only does it look great, but it also has enhanced functionality. For example, in the navigation section where you only saw 8 tracks before, you can now see 12 tracks at a time. In fact, he got all the parts the CDJ-3000 wanted.

So we have new ones for a quick search. The bank playlist is a section with 4 playlists for quick selection. Of course, it also benefits from Touch Preview, a handy feature that lets you preview tracks without having to load them into the deck.

Before I start with FX, I want to talk about some of the additional tools that a particular DJ I work on would appreciate. Countdown allows you to set the countdown time until the main event setting (such as midnight on New Year’s Day) arrives. And there is a repeat mode. It works according to its sound. Save lines or playlists to keep listening to your music while you’re away. Pioneer points out that this can be useful in emergencies like voice testing.

XDJ-RX3 Effects: Win FX, Sound Color FX, Lilith FX
As I said, the mixer is “by default” DJM-900NXS2, which means you have access to both 14-bit effects and 6-bit color effects. If you don’t know it yet, there is a difference. Beat FX is the traditional way to apply beat-based effects to your Pioneer mixer. Select the effect, the channel you want to apply, the time and the “Level / Depth”. Basically, you have some control over whether the effect fails. Sound Color FX is more of a solution. Select the effect by pressing the button and turning a knob to activate it… As a low pass / high pass filter.

The Beat FX bank lets you pick your four favorite things and make them fast with just one touch. Another great thing they’ve done is include the 900NXS X-Pad, a way to use your finger swipe gestures to control FX. At 900 it was the mixer body pad, when placed on the RX3 screen.

Finally, there is the new FX version. Basically, you can use the beatpad as an FX shot to change the light intensity immediately. Maybe the goal is to create variations of the song or add drama to your project. You can choose from 8 effects: Vinyl Brake (short/long), Backspin (short/long), Echo Out, Design, Mute and Ducking.

Competition: XDJ-RX3 against XDJ-XZ, Prime 4 and Prime 2
So far we’ve focused on how the RX3 compares to its predecessors, but you might think it compares well to other products on the market. Above all, you’ll be surprised if you can keep this for $2000 or the big XDJ-XZ for $2300. the older generation” Pioneers seem pissed off at them. Well, first of all the XZ is a 4 channel device. If you order a mix with two or more decks, the RX3 is not included. Another thing RX3 lacks is DVS support. It’s probably intentional. However, for the extra $300 you get two more options, time-saving performance and a screen saver similar to the CDJ-2000NXS.

Another comparison is the Denon PRIME kit. Specifically, PRIME 2 is a powerful two-channel operating system. This $1500 system has a nice screen, but it’s not as big as the new RX3. However, the PRIME 4 has a nice 10-inch screen (which supports multi-touch, but not here) and supports 4 channels for $100 less. This tool also identifies lines on the fly, which are not supported by the RX3. The machine’s operating system seems to have won the “money making” war, so it’s worth considering. However, Pioneer’s “flagship” system that the RX3 tries to follow will cost upwards of $6,000.

There is a disagreement with the XDJ-RX3. It’s streaming. Other standalone products on the market receive music streaming technology through services such as TIDAL, Beatport/Beatsource LINK and SoundCloud Go+, and even include Numark Mixstream Pro (only here at DJ Hookup, you can check out my review. ). Surprisingly, Pioneer doesn’t seem to want to promote the quality of DJing with this tool. No Wi-Fi and no Ethernet ports to look back on. So if you’re just starting to build your cloud collection, you’re out of luck.

to finish
The RX3 brings many welcome tweaks over its predecessors, including better screens and better rekordbox workflows. $2000 isn’t cheap, but it’s a big savings over the 3000s + 900NXS2 configuration you’re trying to track. A good choice for this system. Because for most DJs, the only real difference is the integration of the interface on a single screen. Once you get used to it, it is almost identical to the industrial structure setup game. Owners of smaller handles or organizations will definitely be attracted to a device like the RX3. The same goes for DJs who want a good setup at home but want to buy a compact car for the price set for the CDJ-3000. Although a little heavy and bulky, there is also a segment of mobile DJs who appreciate this as it is not as large as the XZ and is ‘one stop shop’ in overall status. DJ system.

Frankly, the Pioneer XDJ system is loved by all kinds of DJs. Gerrad, a friend of mine from Cryztal Grid, is using RX2 for live streaming today and loving it. Anyone who loves the rekordbox ecosystem, Pioneer mixers and more effects will love it. Anyone who likes to keep their laptop away from a DJ booth will buy. But keep in mind that he also works as a manager and is still working with Serato from the next second.