Aluminum Tube Bending Techniques

Aluminum tubes are extensively used in a variety of equipment. Aluminum has many benefits over the other types of metals. This is the reason it is the preferred metal for making various household items such as construction equipment automobile parts, and even wires. The tubes of aluminum are widely utilized and here are a few of the methods used to bend aluminum tubes.

  • Press Bending

bending press machine is one of the simplest methods to bend aluminum tube. This method uses it is a single die that is in the size and shape of the bend required. This die is placed against the tube the point where it needs to bend and then force will be applied till the desired bend is reached. Because it’s a simple technique and is used for pipe that is cold, the result will not be quite neat. In reality, the ovular shape is likely appeared as if no supporting filler is utilized within the tube.

  • Rotary Draw Bending

The other side, this method of bending rotary draws produces an attractive and tidy end while the length of the pipe being identical to the other tubes. This is why this technique is probably the most well-known among tube bending methods. This method employs there are certain sets of dies utilized as well as the tubes are securing by the die that maintains a constant center radius, resulting in an aesthetic sound bend.

  • Roll Bending

Roll Bending techniques make application of frictional force when the aluminum tube passes through a machine that is quite simple that has produced an arch with three rolling machines that can be set either hydraulically and mechanically fixed. Roll Bending techniques make use of frictional force while the aluminum tube goes through a relatively simple machine that has produced an arch by using three rolling machines that can be set hydraulically as well as mechanically fixed. The tube creates an arcuate shape when it passes from the opposite side. Three Roll Bending is a similar technique. Three Roll bending technique is quite similar, but it requires more complicated technology than the one employed to create Roll Bending.

  • Induction Bending

Induction bending is yet another widely used method for bent aluminum tubes. This method uses heat applied using heated coils. The higher temperature allows it for the tubes to be bent once it’s heated.

The methods mentioned above are just a few of the most commonly employed aluminum tube bending methods.