Apartment in Spain – Traveling, Eating and Relaxing

Are you planning on taking a trip to Spain? You are sure to be in for fabulous fun and excitement that will last you your entire lifetime. From fiestas and bull fights to salsa and sangria, Spain is filled with fun activities that will keep an entire family, group of friends or a vacation for two memorable, special and exciting.

Do you have Spain accommodation reservations? If not, you should consider renting an apartment in Spain. It is the best way to travel through Europe, as renting apartments is very common and a great way to avoid expensive hotel rooms. Spanish apartments that are available for rent are usually already furnished with everything you could need on your vacation. You will really feel like your Spanish apartment is your home away from home. A complete kitchen with dishes and utensils, couches, beds and televisions are all included in your rental. Staying in an apartment is a great way to ensure that you are always part of the fun and excitement and you are not separated from everything by staying in a hotel room. You can rent an apartment that is close to public transportation, the main plaza or the beach. With a ten minute walk, you will avoid hotel chaos and pricey taxis.

You will find the architecture in Spain to be breathtaking, spain accommodations with Arab influence towards the southern part of Spain and buildings that are amazingly well preserved. The north, central and north east parts of Spain are influenced by the Catholic Monarchs during the eras of Isabel the First and Fernando the Second of Aragon.

While in Spain, you will taste some of the most amazingly food with traditional spices and cooking styles. Lunch is usually served around two o’clock in the afternoon, depending on the community that you are staying within. As for dinnertime, many Spaniards are very particular as to exactly when and what they will have to eat. Many restaurants and small eateries open their doors around either thirty at night, but they wont close their doors until twelve or even one o’clock in the morning. Many Spaniards wont start their dinners until around ten o’clock at night and eating dinner without the appropriate wine to accompany it would be unthinkable.

While you are in Spain, you will find mountains of glorious food waiting for your consumption. Seafood is the favorite around Spain and tourists because it is ultra fresh and very high quality. When you go grocery shopping in Spain, you will find an endless buffet of fabulous, fresh seafood to choose from. Tapas are, of course, a favorite, especially in Barcelona. You can dine on ceviche and sangria, a signature dish and drink of Spain.