Benefits and advantages of Laser Welding Machine

Fiber ray welding machine has the advantages of high speed, small heat affected zone and distortion. This is because the power viscosity of focused ray ray is much advanced than that of traditional welding styles. Along with this, laser welding machine price is affordable.

  1. Stainless sword welding machine can reduce the product cost. This is due to the low balance heat input and machining delicacy of fiber ray welding machine. Also, the moving cost of fiber ray welding machine is fairly low.
  2. The cargo rate and product effectiveness of fiber ray welding machine are high, because the ray ray is easy to transmit and control, there’s no need to change the fiber ray welding machine welding gun and snoot constantly, and the arrestment supplementary time is greatly reduced.
  3. The fiber ray aluminum welder machine can reuse perfection corridor and thermal sensitive accoutrements. Because of the high energy viscosity and fast release of fiber ray welder for trade, the thermal damage and welding distortion during high- speed machining can be avoided.
  4. Handheld fiber ray welding machine is easy to realize a high degree of robotization, and the pristine sword welder can be controlled by CNC, so the ray intensity and fine positioning can be effectively controlled.
  5. The stylish welder for aluminum don’t need to make direct contact with the workpiece to be welded. The fiber ray welder for trade can be fraudulent or focused in any direction through a glass or deviation prism, or can be guided to an inapproachable place to weld with the optic fiber. The fiber ray welder for trade can also be concentrated through transparent accoutrements, so it can weld joints that are delicate to pierce by ordinary styles or can not be placed, similar as welding electrodes in vacuum tubes. For industrial purpose laser welding machine price is the main thing to notice.
  6. Due to the good sanctification effect and fast cooling speed of ray pristine sword welder, the weld effect of the fiber ray welding machine is firm and has high comprehensive performance.
  7. Ray of the fiber ray welding machine can directly weld separating accoutrements, it’s easier to weld different essence accoutrements, and indeed weld essence and non-metal together.
  8. The welder for aluminum won’t beget any wear and gash, and can work stably for a long time.
  9. When welding thin accoutrements or fine periphery cables, it’ll not be easy to have the trouble of remelting like bow welding;

.11. It isn’t affected by glamorous field ( bow welding and electron ray welding are easy), and can directly align weldments;

.12. No vacuum or X-ray protection is needed;

  1. Still, the depth to range rate of weld blob can reach 101;

If perforated welding is used.14. The switching device can transfer the ray ray to multiple workstations. To buy laser welding machine one should Go Here.