Cover Kitchen Worktop Care

Cover is an extraordinary material for kitchen worktops and restroom counters. It is intense, somewhat cheap, hard wearing and accessible in a huge assortment of shadings.

Notwithstanding, in spite of it’s durability, overlay kitchen worktops do require some consideration to guarantee they keep on putting their best self forward for quite a long time in the future.

Kitchen Worktop Care – Do’s and Don’ts

Try not to utilize cleaners with abrasives, in the same way as other ‘cream’ type cleaners – they will harm the cover surface
Do utilize a moist fabric or non-rough kitchen and multi surface cleaners, guaranteeing the surface is dried a short time later
Try not to put hot items, for example, pots directly from the broiler or cooker onto your cover worktop surface
Cut nothing straightforwardly on the overlay worktop surface. Blades and other carry out will leave scratches
Try not to drag dish or different things – particularly metal and unglazed stoneware – across the surface
Try not to utilize clean with wax as they will dull the surface

Dim shaded worktops at times seem dirty in the wake of cleaning. Utilize a modest    quartz countertops  quantity of multi surface cleaner on a perfect fabric to eliminate the buildup and reestablish the sparkle.

Spills and Stains

Overlay kitchen worktops oppose staining from most family synthetic compounds. A few things with exceptionally solid tones can anyway leave an extremely durable stain. Clear off red wine, beetroot, grape and berry squeezes quickly, and clean with water or more clean. Concentrated blanch can eliminate the shading from hazier worktops, and leave yellow stains on lighter worktops, so ought to likewise be taken out with clean water quickly. Spills, for example, nail clean or super paste ought to be taken out before they dry. Use nail clean remover or an appropriate dissolvable, guaranteeing the surface is entirely cleaned subsequently.

A few pens can make extremely durable imprints, particularly felt tip and marker pens. Attempt to keep these away from worktops, and know some will go through a solitary piece of paper.

On the off chance that a stain will not vanish with ordinary Surface Cleaner, take a stab at utilizing methylated spirits, or 2 or 3 light rubs with a cream cleaning agent. You can likewise utilize weakened fade (1 section fade to 8 sections water), however don’t leave for over 3 moment, and guarantee the surface is flushed completely a while later, yet you do hazard fading the surface.


Cover kitchen worktop surfaces will withstand ordinary regular mileage well indeed, yet can be harmed by scratching or cutting with utensils, blades and unglazed earthenware. Hazier tones will show scratches more promptly than lighter tones as will reflexive surfaces. Dull shaded worktops and serious shine worktops will more often than not show scratches all the more effectively, so remember this in case while picking a new or substitution kitchen worktop.

To limit scratching, consistently lift objects from the surface, not drag or slide the, and utilize cutting sheets or trivets at whatever point required.