Cufflinks for Women: Choosing The Right Cufflinks For You

If there is one frustration for a woman who desires to carry a concealed firearm, it’s that it can be difficult or uncomfortable to find a practical way to carry a gun on her body. You might find a great place where your gun doesn’t show through your clothing, only to realize it’s not easily accessible should you need it. One solution to these problems for many women is to use the Flashbang holster.

Flashbang holsters utilize a piece of clothing loose t shirts for womens that many women wear every single day – a bra. It is best used with a sturdy bra and a bust size that can accommodate the size of your pistol. The holster can fit most pistol models and comes with a small selection of straps to wrap around the center of the bra. You strap the holster onto the center of the bra so that the grip hangs down below the bra. Should you need to access your gun, you can simply reach up under your shirt, grip the pistol, pull it out, and stand ready.

As with any holster that you use, there are some considerations to keep in mind. The very first is the type of gun that you carry. One of the rules that you will quickly find with concealed carry methods is that you may have to dress to accommodate your holster. Small-framed women may especially need to adjust clothing while larger framed women might find the Flashbang to be a very convenient and comfortable way to carry. Looser clothing will more easily keep a holster or gun from printing through your clothes, even with a bra holster. With the Flashbang, you will want a bra that can handle the weight of the holster and your gun, and a shirt that allows you to access your gun from underneath. You will also want to keep in mind that on hotter days, you will likely sweat and the holster will get wet (though your gun should stay dry).

Finding the perfect gun holsters for women can be a challenge. Women have a variety of ways that they can carry a concealed firearm-they just might need to dress for the occasion. The Flashbang holster allows a woman to hide a small pistol in a holster attached to the middle of her bra. This can be a very convenient carry method, especially for women with the bust to help hide it. Remember that no matter where your holster and gun are located, it is important to practice drawing so that you know to properly do so when you really need to.