Electric heater development potential is widely used

Electric heater is an internationally popular high-quality long life electric heating equipment. Used to heat the flow of liquid, the heating, heat preservation, and heating of the gas medium. When the heating medium heats the cavity by the electric heater under pressure, the fluid thermodynamic principle is uniformly tapered in the working heat element, so that the temperature of the heated medium reaches the user process. Electric heating is a process of converting electrical energy into thermal energy. Since finding that the power supply can occur after the wire can occur, many inventors are engaged in the research and manufacture of various electric thermal electrical room heater appliances. Electrothermal development and popularization applications are also the same as other industries, followed by such regularities, from advanced gradual promotion to all countries of the world; gradually develop from the city to rural areas; developed by collective development to the family; Low gear development. Most of the electric thermal electrical appliances in the 19th centuries is poor, the earliest emergence is the electric thermal electrical appliance for life, and the oven above 1893 appeared and used in the United States, and then the use of electric stoves in 1909, then It is placed in a stove to place an electric heater, that is, heating from Chai Ge to the electrical, that is, from electrical energy to thermal energy. However, the rapid development of the real electrical thermal electrical industry industry is after the invention of the nickel-chromium alloy used as the electrothermal element. In 1910, the United States first developed a moving excipients made with nickel-chrome alloy electric wire, which fundamentally improved the electrical consolation structure and was quickly popularized using comfort. By 1925, the product of the electric heating element was installed in the pot in Japan, which became the original shape of the modern rice cooker. In this stage, electric heating products such as laboratory electric furnace, melt furnace, heating, etc. also appear. From 1910 to 1925, it was a major development stage in electric thermal electrical appliances. In the family and industrial aspects, the emergence and popularization of various varieties of electric electric electrical appliances have been rapidly developed, especially in families. The invention of nickel-chromium alloys is the basis for the development of electrothermal electrical industry. The analysis of electric heater industry research team in the Forward-looking Industry Research Institute believes that energy conservation and emission reduction has become a basic national policy in my country. Electro-heating due to energy saving advantages, gradually replacing the traditional combustion heating, it has become more and more obvious, and in the context of vigorously encouraging energy conservation and emission reduction, its development will face a very favorable policy environment, and the development potential is very huge.