General abbreviations and definitions for car monitors and car electronics

A quick beginner’s guide to common abbreviations related to car monitors or electronic car entertainment systems.
So-called car DVD monitoring systems are gaining incredible popularity, mainly for “car change” or “finished car” enthusiasts. Especially if you are new to car audio monitors.
* Changer-CD changer. A device that contains multiple CDs and can be played on demand without having to manually eject or reorder the discs. Needless to say, DVD changers are also available.
* Crossover: A device that limits the range of frequencies transmitted to different speakers. * DIN: Basically means “Deutsches Institutar Normung” (DIN, German Standards Association), similar to ISO. Relevance to the car’s DVD system means that DIN means a standard size slot, so 1 DIN means that the device occupies one slot, 2 DIN means that the drive is a double deck and two slots. Means to use the space of.
Examples of 1DIN and 2DIN motor monitors

* DTS-Multi-channel audio “Digital Theater System”-Another standard surround sound like Dolby Digital 5.1-something else that’s pretty useless in your car, but bragging about.
* DVD-A-DVD Audio-Similar to a music CD, except for more features and higher quality.
* RF (radio frequency): Refers to wireless headphones, etc. Radio frequency is generally better than infrared because it does not have to be a clear, unobstructed transmitter or radio transmitter.
* Converter-A power source that can be connected to a cigarette lighter on a car dashboard to E liquid power an appliance that needs power.
* Inside the dash-Devices such as car DVD players mounted on the dashboard. It is usually in the same slot as the old car radio.
* GPS-Global Positioning System-This basically means that the map view / navigation software will switch to a signal receiver and display readings on your car’s monitor or screen.
GUI (Graphical User Interface). This means that you can often use the touch screen to control your device through an on-screen menu. * Headliner-The liner that makes up the roof / roof of your car.
* Modulator-An FM transmitter that converts an audio input source, such as an MP3 player or audio line input, into a radio signal that allows it to be connected to a car stereo.
* Monitor: A screen that receives signals from a DVD player or car TV receiver. Simply describing a product as a “monitor” usually means that it does not include a real player, such as a car DVD player unit. You can buy each unit individually or build a complete entertainment system in your car.
* Electric-The TFT LCD screen, which is usually the screen inside the dash unit, folds neatly and slides into the case when not in use. 1 DIN ~ Retractable touch screen Electric motor monitor

* Power port: The “powerful” name of a small striped cigarette lighter

* Red and white (for audio) and yellow (for video) connections used to connect an RCA-DVD player from a car to a car monitor or home media center on a widescreen TV.
* RDS-Radio Display System (Data)-A cute feature with a car radio function that displays detailed data such as station names and FM radio signal track names.
* Receiver-A device that “broadcasts” a video signal onto the screen, such as a car DVD player. Messed up? Yes i know * S-Video: A high quality analog video signal cable that transmits video data as two separate signals, both bright and colored.
* Sub: Commonly known as a subwoofer. Refers to a full speaker or driver dedicated to playback of bass frequencies (typically 150 Hz to 20 Hz).