How to Protect the Valve of Air Tumbling Tracks?

If you have recently bought or are going to buy an air track, you must have heard that you have to take care of the valve. You could have heard that If a valve of your air track is affected, you have to buy a new air track. And unfortunately, this is true. So, what should you do? Don’t worry, read this article, and do what we will tell you. Alright?

Some Safety Precautions

If you have any air leakage on the pillow section, then it is quite easy to fix it and make it like a new one. But if you have mistakenly done any damage to the valve of your air track, then you have to sweat it because you are in big trouble.

That is why you should do some safety precautions to prevent any issue in your valve because it is better safe than sorry:

  • Never stand on the valve because a valve is never strong enough to bear your weight.
  • During exercise, stay away from the valve for atleast 20 cm or so.
  • While applying the pump to the valve, don’t use your extra force on the valve or cap.


So, these were security precautions but do you know from which store you will buy your air track? If not, we recommend you go for Kameymall (online).