Income Generating Websites: How To Create A Website That Really Sells

Have you ever wondered why some websites are successful while others seem to struggle? Actually, the answers can be very simple. Let’s explore the four essential elements of a sales website.
Essential Money Making Website # 1 An Apparent Purpose

To get your visitors in the mood to buy, they need to be carried away by their purpose. What is the purpose of your website? You might think, “make money”, however, in the eyes of your customer, that is not your purpose. It is to solve his problem. So what problem are you solving?
For example, if you have a fitness-based website, then you are helping people lose weight, become competitive, become more attractive, etc.
You can find your purpose in your USP, your unique selling proposition. This answers the motivation question of what sets you apart from your competition and what do you have to offer.
Your purpose should be apparent to your visitor from the start. You can achieve this with your landing page title and content.
Money making website essential # 2, easy navigation

Basically you want to make it as easy as possible to get around your website. Ask yourself, this: why are there people on my website? Then make it possible for them to achieve their goal. Search tools, easy-to-find and understand categories, and product information are important elements of an easy-to-navigate site.
Website to make money: essential credibility n. 3

There are so many websites to choose from that it is often difficult for a buyer to tell if it is a reputable site. You can take real action to help them know, right away, which is the best place to go. Some measures include:

1. Testimonials and endorsements
2. SSL (secure payment options)
3. Privacy statement
4. Transparent policies and procedures (for example, your refund policy)
5. Your credentials or company history

Essential Money Making Website # 4 A Call to Action

Many sites forget this element. They think it should be obvious what the customer should do next, however a call to action will significantly increase their sales and profits. It is important to know that a call to action can be used on other pages than your landing or sales page. You can include a call to action in your content and in all your communications. Every element of your website and your marketing plan should have a purpose and a call to action to support that purpose.
Building a website to make money isn’t rocket science, but it does require a plan. Know who your audience is, what solution you are providing, and make it easy for them to find exactly what they need on your website. Establish credibility and protect your customers. Be transparent and with every action you take, remember this fundamental question: “What’s in it for my visitor and customer?”