Iranian military training simulator – they are real and apparently, very pleasant toys?

There are interesting articles in the army-technology (dot) com – “Iran became self-sufficiency in manufacturing simulators” published on September 30, 2010. And the article explains how the Iranian nation, all have created more than 800. Simulator to train war, helicopter pilot, Etc., to be ready for a big war against the west. Now then our idea of ​​a war simulator and they are very different.

For US technology of this type – thought a sophisticated aircraft training simulator or helicopter attack army hud interface. For their thoughts, the game “pong” on the original Xbox first, in fact, is believed that even though the Iranians make “simulators” if you want train to use those words for decades behind technology, you must understand that they must understand that they are Use the knock-off unit “Game Boy” and TV China to do it. What do they use the remaining electronics from the device?

Well, it turns out they appeared in several cargo containers confiscated by the Italian intelligence agency, in the route from Iran to Syria along with 7-ton explosive disassembly material, the type used to be used for land mines (read roadside bombs IED) and the small controller module will be used to blow up this device at a certain distance.

Maybe, the plan is to put more militants to Iraq through the Syrian border, or to provide these explosives to Hizbollah and Hamas, through the leadership of their heads that are traversed in Syria, at least our online style is thought by tankers, based on this intelligence , which has leaked into global media.

Now, back to the dual use technology for children’s toys playing video-games and this is called Iranian produced domestically, Homegrown technology, and simulators. The reality is that Iran hopes that his troops connect the UAV flock to fly to the Gulf to attack US warships and use this UAV to fight us, Israel, NATO, or Saudi forces if they attack nuclear weapons programs in Iran.

But, will Tele-Robotic UAV attack swarm attacks working to defeat the US Navy in the Gulf? Apparently not, when we run a special war game simulation on our computer, and the Aegis defense weapon will take 100% of all the UAVs, and electronic signatures will be recorded by satellites, giving additional targets to US forces, based on each origin Individual signals control each UAV. In other words, it will be a very, very, very bad step by Iran.

However, you have to give Amedinejad credit for trying to think outside the box, he seems to be a creative man, and a great story teller to boot. Too bad the world knows he is full of nonsense lately. In my personal assessment, I think someone needs to take his microphone before he hurts someone, or causes a war. Please consider all this.