Karaoke Still Booming in Poor Economical Times!

I would like to share with you some of my experiences with watching live covers bands here in the UK.

90% of the bands I’ve seen lately are covers bands. However, there are covers bands and there are covers bands. Some are actual bands, others are simply duos or trios with backing tracks.

Every artist is different. I’ve never seen 2 groups operate in the same manner. How they set up, how they do sound checks (if any), types of equipment they use etc. You get the picture.

Some bands only play covers from a certain genre, which is all fine and dandy. I personally prefer the type of band that plays a bit of everything.

Then there are the venues. Some are more suited to hosting bands than others. There are certain pubs that are like a glorified tardis. The type of place where there’s hardly any room to swing a guitar. Whilst other venues, especially social clubs, have a decent sized stage and dance floor.

You need to be very committed when in a band. 풀싸롱 Performing on a regular basis and it’s not unheard of to be playing several times a week. That’s not including all the rehearsals that take place. Dedication indeed!

Also when in a band, you need to behave in a humble manner when playing in pubs and clubs. You can’t hide away when not performing. You are exposed to the public at all times.

Most bands I’ve seen whether I like them or not, play to a very high standard. But then they have to be good when they command a 3 figure sum to perform.

Getting a decent (or half decent) vantage point is important for me. If I can’t see the band then there’s no point. Even when they’re playing so loud, my ears start to bleed.

I just cannot believe though that a lot of people go to a venue; not to see the band, but to talk amongst themselves. How they can communicate despite the loud music is beyond me. Perhaps they’ve learned sign language.

One thing I do possess is the ability to see right through people. This includes the body language of the bands performing. Thankfully most groups put their heart and soul into it.

There are a minority however who just go through the motions. Who seem to treat the gig as another rehearsal. Frankly that is an insult to the public watching.