Learn How April Fool’s Day Just Began

“Hey, Russ! The April Fool of ours caused pretty a stir.

Yeah, Buddy, it certain did.

Well, we Got~cha~d the majority who spoke back & lots who failed to….Hehehe.

Yes. Some of the high-quality people have been truly concened and afraid for us, due to the fact they love us, Buddy.

The scriptire says, “Perfect love casts out worry.”

Yes. Yet, it also says, “Love covers a mulitude of sins.” Aren’t we glad of that?

I’ll say! So, Russ, let’s put up our new ezine article ~ with some the e-mails ~ to reveal how our April Fool affected a number of our intentional “Victims.

O.K., Buddy. It could be a way to inform the April Fool “Victims” that we do love them, and appreciate how very an awful lot they care too.


To make certain that each one of my April Fool “Victims” acquire April Fools Day 2022 this comply with-up, I will use the identical layout that I used in getting out the April Fool. I’ll create my weblog submit 1st ~ after which paste it into this newsletter.

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Please understand that posting comments here is easy, but they too should skip thru the editors, and prefer other comments that are waiting for approval, they’ll take a few days to seem.

In addition, I’ll put up most of the many personal e-mails that I obtained here too:

Gina to me April second


I wish that you are really ok. You had me involved. I do no longer recognize
the blogging an excessive amount of and so I wish it changed into all simply in fun proper??? The ultimate time I heard from you matters had been higher, so I wish this is nonetheless the case. Blessings. Gina

Albert D Miles to me

Apr 3 (1 day ago)

Hi Russ,

Please forgive my lack of knowledge of the form of MS that you are experiencing
but when you stated “your remaining letter” for your sister, Rita, I definitely
felt horrific that I have no longer made the attempt to come and visit you and be
aware about your internal emotions and pains that you’re going thru. My
Juno server crashed and we lost our deal with ebook.

John Estell to me

6:28 am (17 hours in the past)

Russ, I was feeling down when I first study your e-mail. I changed into praying which you could be o.K. And preserve doing the great things you do. I forgot all approximately April fools and all. You got me figuring out as I already recognize that I want to permit a few humans know that I love them usually. Thanks for the wakeup.

Best Regards,

John Estell

John Estell to me

Apr 3 (1 day in the past)

You are a rascal! Whew!

Banty to me

Apr 1 (3 days in the past)

Hi Russ,

I’m so sorry your now not feeling nicely, I wish you get to feeling higher soon, and wish you’ll live in touch every so often and permit me know how your doing. I wish you all of the satisfactory in all of your future endeavors and all that you do.

Best needs,

Your buddy always,


On four/2/06, Banty wrote:

LOL Russ,

You know what I forgot all about April fools, not frequently it receives by way of me LOL. Glad to look your now not going anywhere, reason you positive might were deeply neglected. Glad your gonna nevertheless be around, and now that I recognise your no longer going anywhere, yeah I fell for it too. Hook, Line and Sinker LOL.
Hope you’ve got a first-rate rest of the weekend. Hope you remembered to set your clocks and watches ahead LOL. Deanna had to remind me. LOL. Have a great one Russ and you contend with yourself. Drop me a line sometimes whilst your now not busy, and permit me recognise how your doing.
Best desires, continually