Makeup Tips – Different makeup Brushes and Their Functions

Indian weddings last typically a week-long affair, with the program filled with different events on both evenings and mornings. It’s not always possible to get a beauty therapist to perform your makeup. The worst thing that could happen is if your beauty therapist doesn’t show up, which is quite common in India and every one of us have had to experience in the past at least. The best option is to have your yourself a variety of brush types and functions to provide your makeup with a fresh and professional appearance.

A makeup brush to blend the makeup may differ than the one used for concealing the foundation. Famous brands carry makeup brushes into makeup kits to convenience of the clientswholesale makeup brushes.

The Camouflage Brush

Also known as the concealer brush, it features broad base for greater grip. The concealer or camouflage brush is utilized to apply concealer underneath the eyes as well as to conceal the problem areas of the skin, such as discolored areas and broken capillaries.

The Foundation Brush

The Foundation brush is equipped with bristles with a tapered tip that are packed tightly for an optimal application of fluid. The foundation brush is utilized to create a smooth, flawless appearance, by evenly dispersing the foundation evenly across the face. If you make use of the brush in a manner that is properly dampening it in warm water you’ll see more effective results.

This is also known as the Powder brush is also known as the bronzer

The Powder brush, also known as the Bronzer is soft and well-rounded. It can be used for the application of compact powders as also the Bronzer. The distinctive feature for this brush is in the bristles that will capture the perfect amount of pigment to evenly distribute the same on the skin with no any flaws.

Blusher Brush

It is said that the Blusher Bush can render a shade colour to the apples of your cheeks. It can add a distinctive look to your cheeks and cheekbones, by adding a touch of color.


Eye Shadow Brush

As the name implies, as the name suggests, Eye Shadow Brush is used to provide a perfect cover for your eyelids. The bristles are short and flat. have special characteristics that allow for smooth application of the lids, without drag.

Contour Brush for Face Contour Brush

This Face Counter Brush renders unique dimensions to your cheekbones. With its well-rounded bristles, this brush is distinctive for highlight your cheekbones by using a bronzer or the illuminating powder. It is the Face Counter Brush is the most essential tool to use in any makeup look that is dramatic.

Lip Brush

The lip brush is made of bristles that are firm but short that are perfect to create a perfect line on the lips. The Lip Brush can make lip lines appear prominent and visible.

Smudger Brush

Smudger Brush Smudger Brush is equipped with an elongated tip to soften the rough lines in the line of an eye pencil. Smaller ones are employed to give a smoldering look for the eyes pencil and the bigger one is used to apply the color for applying eye makeup.

Fan Powder Brush

This Fan Powder Brush comes with bristles that look like fans to remove the excess powder off the face. This Fan Powder Brush is used to fix imperfections in the makeup and to eliminate excess powder from the face.