Natural Cleaning Products to Clean Common Kitchen Items Using Vinegar

Natural Cleaning Products to Clean Common Kitchen Items Using Vinegar

Written by Jesse Badolato | Submitted On February 7, 2011Vinegar is a powerful natural product for cleaning. Instead of using chemical cleaners for your home, you can try using this natural disinfectant as well as deodorizer for any of the following purposes amazon kitchen items.

Plastic Containers to deodorize

Vinegar is great for washing out stains and smelly plastic containers. Wipe them clean with white vinegar and keep them sparkling and fresh.

Make sure your cutting boards are clean

Vinegar acts as an natural disinfectant, and is safe to inhale. Instead of using a cleaning chemical on the cutting board make sure you clean them using vinegar after each use.

Take away Burn Marks from Stainless Steel Pans

I’ve left water in the kettle for too long and burned the bottom of my brand new pan. After filling it up with vinegar and water , and waiting for it to boil for a bit (checking the water this time to ensure that it didn’t dry out) I was able remove the scorch marks on the bottom and then use my pan once more.

Clean and remove mineral deposits from your Coffee Pot

Does your coffee taste as delicious as it did before? It’s not just an effective natural disinfectant, it also eliminates minerals in your coffee maker. Pour white vinegar into the pot, then run it for one cycle. Do two cycle of water that is plain afterward to make sure that the next cup of coffee will have an unmistakable vinegar flavor.

Clean Coffee Removes Stains From Your Mugs

It is not just possible to wash your coffee maker with vinegar however, you can also get rid of coffee stains off your mugs by cleaning the mugs with a mix of salt and vinegar.

Vinegar, despite being a simple ingredient can be utilized in a variety of methods to help keep the kitchen spotless and fresh. Before purchasing chemicals to remove the above things, consider using vinegar as a first natural and cost-effective solution.