Online slots: which ones earn you the most?

One of the funniest and most charming entertainment has ever had a slot machine: a small machine, thanks to the excitement of color and sound, involving us in the dynamics of their game, making us forget stress and worries. Today we can find slots in the online version and, if you’ve seen a safe online casino app like HellSpin App, you will pay attention to a variety of themes which are slot backgrounds. Whether you are a fan of classical fruit themes or colored gems, or instead of futuristic and original settings, you can always find the solution that best suits your mood. But beyond fun, what is the slot that you can get the most? There are several characteristics that can show greater or lower generosity: Let’s see some of them.

Slot symbol

The key element of any slot is, of course, a symbol that stops on the scroll after the roll is finished spinning. The player wins by coating a number of symbols, from left to right. Unlike what you imagine, the symbol does not have to be horizontally or vertically to give victory. In fact, there is a salary, namely payment path, where the symbol can be set to make the player win. The important factor to be examined is the number of symbols that must be harmonized to win: In some slots it can be three, in the other five, and so on. Obviously, fewer symbols you need to be in line, the cheaper that the slot will.

Wild, scattering and payline

Among the various symbols that we can find on safe online casino slots there are several specific ones, in the sense that they have certain functions, namely Wilds and Scatters:

  • Wilds has a wild card function, so they replace other symbols to help you form a combination of winners;
  • Scatters gives you access to special features, such as bonus games or higher paying levels.

The more special symbols are in the slot, the better the prospects for players. Paylines is another feature that must be considered: Paylines in reality will be activated: More and more, the greater the chance to win.

Free spin and progressive jackpot

Free spin is often part of get bonus, offered by online casinos that are safe to welcome new players. Next time they are the victory of internal games (often generated from multiple scatter symbols that are in harmony), but the function does not change: players can rotate rolls for free, maintain the same winner opportunity. Very interesting features for players!