Parquet Floors Made Simple

Parquet flooring is expensive and not for everyone. Installing parquet flooring yourself is cheaper than replacing your old wall to Wall carpeting.

You may consider doing it yourself parquet flooring, if you don’t have sub flooring that can be sanded/varnished. Available in eight or twelve inch squares, finished oak can be stained in a range of shades from dark walnut to natural tones to darker oak. The wood grain will be preserved in all finishesparquet flooring London.

First, it is necessary to remove the carpet, as well as all strips, nails, and other materials.

For professional installation, a smooth surface is essential. A half-inch plywood can be used to cover problems surfaces. The oak squares can also be used to cover concrete with special mortar. A fast patch-leveler is required to level out any concrete that has low or uneven edges. Any cement grains left behind can be removed by vacuuming.

As with ceramic tile, you lay the oak pieces along a line. The mastic is tacky for fifteen minutes so you can use a serrated spreader with a tool to apply it in a double line across the room. I recommend wearing knee protectors as well as rubber gloves. It is likely that your work clothes will be damaged by the project. A rubber mallet will be handy to hold the squares in their place while you work. Except for the final two rows, the new surface can all be walked on in under 30 minutes. It is important not to spread any mastic over the new surface. GooGone mastic cleaner should be used for removing any excess mastic.

Cut the edges as close to perfect fit using a small miter saw or chopsaw. To hide any imperfect edges, use a fine quarter round molding. You can stain and clear coat your molding to match the oak pieces before they are installed. A beveled strip of oak can be used to preserve and transition floor surfaces that are at an unacceptable height, for example, between a living and kitchen. The recommended height difference is no more than three eighths inches.

The area rug can make your parquet floor even more beautiful. These area rugs will give your space a decorator feel and can be easily turned for more wear. They can be replaced quickly and sent out for periodic cleaning. A shoe cabinet should be placed near the front door. To make sure your new floor stays clean, everyone can use it. A good carnauba varnish can be applied to the clear coat to protect it from dirt and water. Your new parquet floors will be a great addition to your home and can be enjoyed for many decades.