Shedding Light On Mushrooms: A Healthy Addition To Your Diet

Magic Mushrooms! Studies have recently shown that eating edible mushrooms actually lead to weight loss and other health benefits you can reap like increased stamina for your workouts and decreased sugar level in blood. Ahh, the answer to eliminating the sugar craving, finally! Mushrooms are really delicious and can be incorporated into many food recipes…it’s totally low cal and can boost your metabolism making your body a fat burnin’ machine. Can I get an AMEN???

Mushrooms are basically fungi. Ordinarily, mushrooms buy amanita muscaria have flashy and spore-boring body which grow above the ground or above their sources of food. Mushrooms are foods low in calories and can either be eaten raw or cooked. This food is full of vitamins in the B complex: riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. They also provide selenium, potassium, copper and minerals. Don’t fret because fat and carbohydrates contents are pretty low in this vegetable. And there’s no sodium in mushrooms either, therefore no water retention and bloat. Whoop Whoop! Mushrooms are actually referred to as vegetable meat because it can be substituted for meat in vegetarian and vegan diets. It was proven that people who substituted mushrooms for meat in four meals actually lost an average of 13 lbs that week.

Mushrooms are actually highly popular in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and European cuisines. The inclusion of mushrooms as food can be traced back to the ancient periods because it was realized that it enhances the human system for immunity against infections. Specifically, the Reishi type of mushroom is helpful in fighting rheumatoid arthritis.  Reishi mushrooms are famous for boosting metabolism because it is a detox food that helps rid of toxins harmful to the body. Another fun fact: the eating of mushrooms can reduce the possibility of breast cancer to almost one-third. Let’s save the boobies Fit Fem’rs!

There are many cultural beliefs that edible mushrooms increase physical power and strength. Back in the day, Greeks were known to given the warriors food with the ingredients of the fungi during times of war for strength. In Roman festivities, delicacy of the fungi aware served as they thought that the mushroom was a gift of God, even Egyptian Pharaohs believed the same. Chinese had been treasuring mushroom as a health food to help medicinal causes.

Mushrooms flavor and texture are the reasons why so many people enjoy it as their main meals. Mushrooms flavor can singly be the flavor of a particular dish or the dish can have the flavor of the mushroom and the other ingredients of the specific recipe. Yes, mushrooms are indeed yummy…and magical in its own way!