Start an Infrared Body Wrap Business

Do you want to start a profitable and easy business? You need to choose a service or business that will help you succeed in this economy. Did you know that cellulite affects over 90% of women? These women will spend a lot to reduce or smoothen their cellulite. Imagine a business that does more than just improve cellulite appearance.

The Infrared Body Wrap System

Infrared body wraps have six or more silicone bands wrapped around your thighs (for reducing cellulite), abdomen (for targeting flabby stomach’s), hips (for targeting flabby arms), and arms (for addressing cellulite).

The main unit controls the silicone pads and emits infrared heat. Infrared heat has many benefits, including:

  • In 50 minutes, you can burn hundreds of calories
  • Increase Your Body’s Metabolic Efficiency
  • Cellulite Smoothing and Improvement

The Body Pain Relief Program: Contouring and Re-Shaping

These are only a few of the many benefits of infrared heating and infrared therapy. They can also be found in these infrared body wraps best infrared heating pad.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Equipment?

Infrared body wraps can perform one treatment at a given time. These machines cost about $12,000. Others will perform two sessions simultaneously, so one unit can do both. The two treatments could be done in separate rooms or in one room. These dual infrared body wraps are priced at around $16,000

Infrared body wrap businesses should have at least four treatment rooms. You would likely only need two of the dual machines.

How to market this type of business

Infrared body wraps systems usually come with brochures that you can give to your customers. Advertisements should be placed in local newspapers and coupon tabloids that highlight the many benefits these systems offer. Advertising about cellulite reduction and body contouring is the most popular.