The Murderer Rising With the Light Kills the Poor and Needy and Is a Thief in the Night (Job 24:14)

Unless one is shown the meaning of these words they lack relevance but when the Spirit offered me to recognize them they are amongst the most essential in the bible. The murderer is the first monster of Revelation and the evening is the day that transformed dark as a result of the 2nd monster that is identified as 666. With each other they are the same as the first built a big wall of confusion and fraud and also the 2nd kept it and also reinforced it – he kept continuous things of the 1st monster.

Following my reincarnation as well as with a solid link to the Spirit of the Universe, the one and only God, it appointed me to take apart the wall surface and bring in the harvest. We go to the end of the day and what has actually occurred during the course of it is now bringing the world to an end.

Tackled a journey of exploration by the Spirit it consisted of a trip to Babylon to find the identification of the killer – it is the sun. The sun-star was named Mary and men 밤알바 passed away on crosses to ‘marry’ Mary and also end up being Papa Gods in paradise. The very first crucifixions happened in this city. Stylized into a lady the great renowned picture rules as the principal God over the Catholic Church; that was established by Constantine in 325 ADVERTISEMENT. He additionally set up the picture of Jesus Christ as her kid.

His name in English is Constant as was that of his papa’s so he is Continuous II as well as the name as well as number include in 666 in the Assyrian alphabet. His identity is Assyrian, in face he is an Amorite. They are the original occupants of Babylon and also they developed Roma (reverse Amor).

In a vision of the day of the lord it extended as a line in front and also far in the distance was composed EVE in huge uppercase. In the center was NOON as well as at my placements is EVENING. A significantly brilliant light climbed from me and arched over the day to the beginning and also both ends were bathed in brightness. Between it was dark and also below a man on a cross stood about the crowd rising to him.

As that occasion occurred c. 2,000 years ago it makes the day 4,000 years long and also the name ‘Eve’ is from ‘I-v’ which indicates ‘eye of life’. The bright light in the vision is the Spirit and it seeded a group at the beginning of the day. That is when sun-worship started in Babylon as well as they built a tower to see the image of the celebrities in the heavens.

This killer of spiritual power included the light of the Spirit to examine those that are linked to it and judgment protests those that yield and also prayer the incorrect gods produced from it, including Mary.