The Power of Soul Food – The Food That Helped Build America

The food that helped build this state

Was born on Americas plantations,

But we took what they gave us

And used it to help save us

Now we eat and experience it with elation.

The legacy of soul meals is bitter candy in it is records. Born out of the throngs of slavery, soul food is now a multi-million dollar enterprise which has spawned eating places, books, motion pictures, TV cooking indicates and extra. Yes, soul meals isn’t handiest an African-American treasure … It’s an American treasure.

Soul food is an enterprise that has given delivery to dozens of millionaires and created heaps of related corporations. All this coming from recipes, cooking strategies and seasonings passed down from generations three hundred-plus years long.

Surprisingly many foods used in getting ready soul food originated in Africa. It’s nonetheless a mystery how the seeds were given to the Americas. For example, okra, black-eyed peas, watermelon, yams and lots of leafy inexperienced veggies which came from the continent of Africa are staples of soul meals cooking these days.

To undergo the sweltering southern days, usually packed with lengthy and back-breaking hard work, the Black people needed to have meals that was cheap, filling and supplied the necessary electricity. The ingredients of soul food furnished the ones needs. Soul food is the food that helped construct America, why? Because it helped the slaves that helped to construct America work and continue to exist the long grueling days.

Ironically historians have demonstrated the slaves ate a more fit diet than the slave masters judging with the aid of present day health requirements. The slave masters and overseers crammed themselves with foods excessively high in fats, calories and washed it down with rich alcohol. This rich weight-reduction plan, considered a rich guy’s weight loss plan, and prefer these days often led to coronary heart disorder, obesity and diabetes.

But as irony might have it the slaves needed to settle for the food and elements the wealthy slave mater discarded. For instance, cheap and often discarded veggies, culmination, nuts and simplest had water to wash it down. In reality, the most effective times the slaves ate meat turned into usually on unique events together with Christmas (furnished they behaved at some stage in the week).

Today African Americans rejoice with soul food, specially throughout the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays. The cooks and want to-be cooks come out in every Black family at some point of those vacations.

Kwanzaa, a unique cultural vacation celebrated by means of many African Americans, advanced in the 1960’s as a length for African Americans to mirror on their history and future contributions. The duration of Kwanzaa runs from December 26 to January 1.

A traditional Kwanzaa feast held on December 31 and encompass traditional soul food dishes. These soul meals dishes include seafood gumbo, black-eye peas, collard greens, buttermilk cornbread, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, fried okra and greater. Some traditions say these ingredients assist bring the members proper fortune in the coming 12 months.

Like any valuable idea, soul meals has been capable of reinvent itself and adapt to changing times and conditions.

Long criticized for it’s bad substances, along with the excessive use of fats, salt and unhealthy cooking strategies and substances.

Today’s soul food keeps to evolve to more healthy cooking strategies even as retaining the flavor and pride of traditional soul food. For instance, the usage of smoked turkey in place of the traditional fats-back to cook veggies, black eyed peas and add flavor to different foods. In addition, pan frying with lighter oils or baking in preference to deep-fats frying and eating smaller quantities add to soul ingredients more healthy enchantment.

A new era of vegetarian soul meals cookbooks, movies and instructions hold to broaden and develop throughout the united states of america to fulfill the desires of developing numbers of human beings.


The age of speedy ingredients domination has led to a generation of overweight, inactive, junk food consuming children. Many African Americans are searching returned to the food that helped our race triumph over the most astounding odds in recorded history.