Today, we live in a time in which people are expecting your company to go that extra mile

as far as your experience is in question. There is no way to be happy and content anymore with a reliable and stable mobile application, and that’s when game-based experiences entered the scene.

Gamification involves bringing the game’s dynamics from games into the mobile app while at simultaneously inducing users to stay with the application.

Gaming your mobile app could increase user engagement and traffic with your product, if executed correctly — the whole process is built on the principles of basic psychology.

A user should become familiar with the app prior to participating in the app’s gamificationit is the only way a user will be able to appreciate the rewards the app offers (collectibles or points).

Gamification could be linked to Maslow’s hierarchy, where the process of gamification is based on psychological principles since it’s about the stimulation of the player’s mind.

Gamifying mobile apps enables users to compete against each other or achieve their own goals — a fundamental aspect of human psychology.

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Gamified elements can trigger an emotion of accomplishment and encourage users to utilize your app more. Making a gaming experience in the app’s non-game version will bring more enjoyment to your customers. There is no need to completely redesign your app, you can simply offer a pleasant experience for your customers and improve their engagement, increase the number of users or boost the number of people who download your app.

There are a variety of factors that influence the way users use apps on the go, including badges, rewards, quizzes as well as leaderboards, virtual goods and progress display. These elements make a memorable experience for users on mobile devices and motivate users to return and revisit the app. Additionally, one benefit of the use of gamification is that it encourages people to share the news about an app that they’ve had a chance to try’ which is a beneficial add-on.

It is a good method to keep users engagedwhen we complete things, we would like to get some type of reward for it (material as well). This is also true for the users of mobile apps, who are more inclined to use the app if the app provides a reward when they complete a particular kind of task.