What a giraffe teaches us about viral campaigns

5 ways to increase the visibility of your business
Looking for your next great marketing campaign? Could your business use an increase in brand exposure?
You may want to take a lesson from New York’s Animal Adventure Park.

April the giraffe is about to give birth at any moment. Millions of people around the world have been enthralled on YouTube, watching the April giraffes’ journey to childbirth (and yes, I’m guilty of admitting I’m one of them too!). While tracking April’s progress since mysmiley Adventure Park thought she was close to her due date may have started to be a fairly straightforward event, the world began to take notice and April’s pregnancy quickly went viral.

Interestingly, a live feed was installed to help staff monitor it without having to be in the barn 24/7. They thought it would be fun to make this feed available to the public at the same time.

Little did they know that in a few days they would have millions of viewers watching Aprils’ every move, eager not to miss the big event.

In fact, if you read her comments on her Facebook page, you’ll see how many are keeping an eye on her big girl and her mate Oliver at her pen next to her. Even though I am a daily follower (the good thing is that I have 3 monitors, so I can always check easily to see what you are doing), the great success of this campaign makes me think about the lessons entrepreneurs can learn on how to strengthen our identity. brand using this. single case study.

So, here are 5 ways you too can increase your business exposure as we review some tactics from the April playbook:

1) Live Video – Who can resist the idea of ​​seeing an animal? Baby animals are a big draw and Aprils’ baby who is about to be born is no exception.
Having a live video allows people to feel part of the experience. In addition to YouTube, Facebook LIVE, Instagram Stories and Snapchat have a live streaming capability. What can you share live that your followers find interesting?
Remember that people don’t want to be marketed; they want to be part of something and have fun. And once they become part of the story, they become addicted.