What are the steps to obtain a driver’s license in Thailand?

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The steps to receive Thai driver’s license

 Nowadays, many automobile drivers in Thailand are foreigners since driving a car allows them to travel everywhere in Thailand. However, the Department of Land Transport has several requirements and regulations that foreigners must strictly follow in order to avoid penalties. However, foreigners who have foreign driving licenses do not need  to apply for a driving license in Thailand. You are capable of driving. The following are the steps to obtain a driver’s license in Thailand:

  • You must meet the qualifications

Before applying for a Thai driver’s license, you must satisfy two requirements: be above the age of 18 and not have any physical defects such as blindness, color blindness, or deafness, and other diseases that affect the ability of driving.

  • You must meet the all documentation requirements

          Not only the qualifications, but the documentation are also required by Thailand law. There are three main documentation requirements as follows:

2.1) You must have the Non-immigrants visa type on your passport and need to use it instead of your ID Card or your personal photo.

2.2) You must have a certificate of residency in Thailand issued by an embassy or government agency Instead of a photocopy of the house registration or residency certificate.

2.3) You must have a medical certificate indicating that the applicant for a driver’s license does not have a medical condition that would make driving risky. and not having an unsound mind or a mental illness.

The steps to receive Thai driver’s license

  1. Submitting an application with supporting evidence , all documentation, and your photos.
  2. Examination of color blindness by reading the color sheet in the test kit.
  3. Attending a 2-hour training course to learn about road traffic laws, vehicle laws and safe driving to avoid the traffic accident.
  4. Taking a written exam on the regulations for driving.
  5. Taking a driving test.
  6. Paying the Driver’s license fee and waiting for a driver’s license.

These are the top six steps to obtain a Thai driver’s license. If you have all qualifications and all documentation required, you can apply for the Thai driver’s license easily. However, there are four types of people who already have the driving license that have the right to except for the written test and driving as follows:


  1. Those who hold a driving license issued in accordance with the legislation on unexpired land transport with pictures.
  2. Those who hold a military vehicle driving license in accordance with the legislation
  3. Those who, under international law, hold a driver’s license For personal automobiles or motorbikes
  4. Those who hold a driving license issued by a foreign country that is not expired and contains photographs.

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