What Is the Difference Between a Dental Bone Graft and a Dental Membrane?

A bone graft membrane is a small surgical operation used to regrow healthy bone, fill the hole left by a missing tooth, and prevent the loss of healthy bone around the other teeth. When a tooth is extracted or a dental implant is placed, our Broomfield practice frequently conducts this procedure to save good teeth. A collagen membrane is frequently used in conjunction with it. Our Broomfield surgical dentistry professionals can utilize a membrane as a barrier or blanket to keep the bone particles together and allow it to regenerate properly.

What are their origins?

Bone materials are available in powder, putty, and granule form. It’s possible to use your own bone or a synthetic one. Most bone particles, however, come from lab-tested and sterilized human and/or animal donors.


  • Bone grafts and membranes are commonly used to treat the following conditions:
  • Tooth extractions, dental implants, and tooth and bone preservation
  • Bone Graft and Membrane Indications

Your hygienist and/or doctor can establish your periodontal health and discover any active gum disease by doing a full periodontal exam. If necessary, they will prescribe a procedure that is tailored to your specific needs.

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You may have decided to replace your missing teeth with dental implants rather than dentures, but you’re not sure what that entails. The quick answer is that it will be determined by the state of the bone into which the implants will be put.

Unless your jawbone is in good shape and hasn’t been eroded by infection, gum disease, or previous tooth extraction, you’ll need to have it rebuilt in order for your implants to stay in place. Bone grafting for dental implants is a time-consuming procedure that may usually be completed at your dentist’s office. If you are interested to have bone graft membrane than you are on right place.

Your dentist will utilize “autogenous” bone, which is bone extracted from your own body, or a synthetic or artificial bone substitute. Cow bone is also commonly utilized as a bone graft material for dental implants. The addition of this bone will stimulate your body to produce new bone around it, but other synthetic materials do not stimulate the body to produce new bone, and the synthetic material secures the dental implant.