When Do You Need a Building Permit for a Construction Project?

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Homeowners often have additional construction or home improvement that need to be completed in their homes, and many Los Angeles construction experts are frequently asked whether building permits are needed for every remodeling or home improvement project. The truth is that many construction projects require a building permit in Los Angeles, but smaller projects don’t require a permit. However, even when people should obtain the needed permit, they don’t, and building officials may not make a big issue of the situation. But building specialists know that work performed without a permit can have safety implications and can mean more expensive future repairs.

Building permits are needed for modifications or major repairs to electrical systems, building additions, construction of new buildings or movement and demolition of existing buildings. These are all mid to large sized jobs that need to be inspected for safety and correct specifications. The Los Angeles construction contractor you hire should help you get the permit you need for this type of project. If you are completing the home improvement project yourself check the Los Angeles city website for construction permit requirements.

There are cases were building permits are not needed in permis de construire Los Angeles construction. For instance you may not need a permit if your building a detached accessory building that is less than 200 square feet and which has no utilities. You don’t need one if you are building fences or retaining walls that are less than 4 to 6 feet tall. Painting, wallpapering, floor covering installation, cabinet and counter top installation or other finish work does not need a building permit either.

Plumbing work like the cleaning of plumbing stoppages,repairing of plumbing leaks and reinstallation of toilets or sinks does not involve the need for a construction permit, nor does anything that requires routine maintenance of existing buildings, fixtures or equipment.

However, when a building permit should be obtained, LosAngeles construction experts suggest that it is a good safety precaution to purchase it. There is a fee involved, and getting the permit may be a slow process and can slow the project down somewhat, but it also ensures that the project is inspected and reduces potential liability if there is an injury or damage on the site. It is always best to obtain a building permit for larger remodeling or construction projects as it is your protection.

Check with the LosAngeles city government offices to see if your project needs a building permit or not. If you are required to purchase a building permit, keep it with your home documents for future reference. This will always offer useful information to future potential home buyers, when and if you decide to sell the home.

Only unreliable Los Angeles construction contractors do not get a building permit for a larger remodeling projects. This type of contractor may charge less on the overall project, but mistakes made with your family’s health or risks taken by the unreliable construction contractor may end up costing you more money over the long run.